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Backcountry Fishing

Backcountry Fishing Trips

When planning a Florida fishing trip in key Largo, rely on your guide’s expert knowledge to help you choose where to fish, what to fish for, and the best way to reel in a great catch. The Florida Bay backcountry is beautiful, peaceful and quiet, so offers more than just a fishing trip. It is a great chance to relax and experience the untouched natural wonder of the Florida Keys. As your backcountry skiff glides through the shallow waters, you will see not only a wide array of fish such as snook and redfish, both game and otherwise, but also many species of birds, and diverse plant life, from orchids to ferns to mangroves. Book a Florida bay fishing trip on your next visit to Florida, and it will certainly be an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

The boat itself is perfectly designed for flats fishing. Flow through live wells will keep your fresh catch through the whole of your backcountry fishing adventure. Great storage for rods and other fishing gear also make the backcountry skiff a great little fishing vessel. Finally, the skiff has wide, sturdy gunwhales ideal for casting. The skiff is functionally a mobile, practical fishing platform designed specifically for backcountry and flats fishing.

The backcountry skiff is ideal for the sort of fishing done in the shallows of Miami and Florida Bay. A platform mounted above the motor provides the captain with great visibility to navigate the waters of Everglades National Park. While the skiff does have a motor, the captain can also use a pole to move the skiff quietly through the backcountry waters. Quiet can be critical when trying to catch snook or redfish, so this is a particularly useful feature of the backcountry skiff.

Backcountry fishing requires a specially designed boat, as you might have guessed. A backcountry flats skiff is made for the shallow waters and unique environment of the Florida Keys. The backcountry skiff is typically 16 to 20 feet in length. A very shallow draft of as little as 10 to 12 inches allows the backcountry skiff to run or fish in very shallow waters. Your Fishing guide can easily and expertly maneuver the vessel through the waters of Islamorada and Florida Keys.

Your Florida Fishing guide is a great resource for not only the best fishing spots, and how to reel in the catch of a lifetime, but also an expert on the area. Your guide can help you choose what to fish for based on the area, time of year, and even weather and water patterns. Expert knowledge of bait and fishing styles will allow them to assess your skills and plan a trip that will likely result in a great catch. A Florida fishing trip is also an ideal opportunity to learn more about the plants, fish and birds that inhabit the Florida Keys and the Miami area.

If you are looking for a true escape from daily life, and a great time fishing, a backcountry fishing trip is right for you. Not only will a backcountry trip give you the chance to reel in a great catch, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to see the diverse wildlife of the Florida Everglades.You will be amazed at the wide variety of birds you can spot on your backcountry fishing adventure.A backcountry fishing trip offers an amazing opportunity to see the wilderness of the Florida Keys. A backcountry adventure is a true getaway as you leave inhabited areas for untouched mangrove shorelines. While the term backcountry fishing often encompasses any fishing with a backcountry guide, including flats fishing, true backcountry fishing is venturing north of the Florida Keys, into these often inaccessible and untouched lands.

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