Thursday, June 30, 2022


Tarpon Fishing

Description: last ray of dorsal fin extended into long filament; one dorsal fin; back dark blue to green or greenish black, shading into bright silver on the sides; may be brownish gold in estuarien waters; huge scales; mouth large and points upward.

Similar Fish: (as juveniles) ladyfish, Elops saurus.

Where found: primarily INSHORE fish, although adult fish spawn OFFSHORE where the ribbon-like larval stage of the fish can be found.

Size: most angler catch 40 to 50 pounds.

*Florida Record: 243 lbs.

Remarks: slow grower; matures at 7 to 13 years of age; spawning occurs between May and September; female may lay more than 12 million eggs; can tolerate wide range of salinity; juveniles commonly found in fresh water; can breathe air at surface; feeds mainly on fish and large crustaceans. 

Tarpon fishing in Florida can be done in Islamorada  in the  Florida Keys the best months for tarpon fishing trips is  April, May and June.You will find that the tarpon run in the  Florida keys happens during this time. If you are tarpon fishing during this time the place to be is along the bridges in Islamorada part of the Florida keys or in Florida bay. This time of year is when its your best chance to catch a trophy tarpon. My best action for tarpon fishing in Florida comes from fishing the bridges in Islamorada, you may land up to six tarpon a day. For great Islamorada tarpon fishing choose the above months mentioned to take your next tarpon fishing trip.

Tarpon fishing in Flamingo part of everglades national park can be just as productive in the flats and shallows of Florida bay and the surrounding areas like Miami. Tarpon fishing is usually done early in the am or late in the afternoon and into the evening. Most tarpon anglers will use live mullet or crabs as bait.

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